Saturday, October 10

Buckleys Get Sweet

Buckleys Get Sweet from Bryan and Alyssa on Vimeo.

We tasted lunch and chocolate at the Max Brenner store in Philadelphia, and it was incredible. Highly, highly recommended!


  1. Hey guys,

    I discovered your video blog (vlog??) a couple of weeks ago while looking for other blogs in Philly - these videos are so adorable! (And, I know nothing about video-making, but very well edited, I think...I always love the music!) You've officially convinced me to add Max Brenner to our list of must-do's, too. Didn't even know about it (for shame...).

    Keep it up! Now I'll always be looking forward to your next adventure...

  2. Thanks, and that's awesome! Welcome to the vlog :)

    Max Brenner: Seriously, it's incredible. We didn't know about it either. We stumbled upon it one weekend in the city.

    We just got back from Orlando, so we'll have a new video up within the week!