Sunday, August 30

Saturday, August 29

The Buckley's Saturday Morning

In lieu of cartoons this morning, we watched hilarious/adorable video of a magician performing for a monkey.

Wednesday, August 26

Road Trip!

Road Trip! from Bryan and Alyssa on Vimeo.

Check out this video where we drive back up to Philadelphia from Clemson, South Carolina.

Trust him. He's a doctor.

Trust him. He's a doctor. from Bryan and Alyssa on Vimeo.

This next video documents Bryan's biggest accomplishment: becoming Dr. Buckley.

Wednesday, August 12

Our First Week Living in Philadelphia

First Week from Bryan and Alyssa on Vimeo.

In this video, you'll see us recap our first week living in Philly. The last clip of this video is my favorite - it's our fast forwarded clip of the week!

Check it out. And let us know what you think!

Saturday, August 1


Hey friends, family and stalkers,

We have just finished unpacking all our boxes. Which was quite a feat. There's a few that we just shoved into our storage closet, but it counts. We also went to the Disney World of Furniture aka Ikea and picked up some great new pieces for the home - see if you can catch them in our next video!

Things are great but busy. We'll get another video up soon. :)

-The Buckleys